The team at Biotech Resources Group works hard.

We have a genuine affinity for programs that fall under this long-haul, humanity-based theme.

RRMS has been mobilizing the Multiple Sclerosis Community since 2002. We continue to provide the needed special equipment to keep MS folks independent and immersed in their community. This also allows MS folks to add value back to the community and disburdens their caregivers.

The Rockville Roadies Multiple Sclerosis Project Inc. (RRMS) knows how important physical freedom can be and we’re dedicated to helping every MS affected person enjoy that freedom to the fullest extent possible.Founded in 2002, RRMS is a 100% volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for everyone whose mobility and independence is mired by multiple sclerosis. RRMS does this by helping MS individuals pro- cure needed mobility equipment to remain mobile and free. RRMS is governed by a genuinely motivated Board of Di- rectors, all of whom are well-networked leaders in biotech, business,nuclear regulatory, neurology, physiology, and academia. Leveraging this diversity of experience and horsepower, RRMS continues to execute an all-volunteer nonprofit business model that is sustainable in challenging times and continues to grow and add community value.



Advisory Board

Bob currently has served on the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) and is now an appointed inaugural member of the Business Leadership Society at Carey Business School. Proud and energetic Board members here have made a commitment to engage and invest in the life and activities of the School, to foster lifelong connections, and to sustain the school’s educational excellence and future growth.

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